In my opinion a     THAI SAWANKHALOK SI SATCHANALAI,   late 15thc to 17thc Celadon , decorated glazed,  decorative covered finial lidded, BETEL NUT BOX, STORAGE  DESIGNED VESSEL   /POT .  This is made from thick hand formed clay  . Incised leaf and floral themed decoation in brown through to cream stoneware glazes. the under foot base. This was bought at source in the Far East in the mid 1990's.   

Part of my Asian Thai based collections. 

Similar examples can be viewed in the collections of the Sukhothai Ramkamhaeng National Museum, and the  SANGKALOK Museum, Sukhothai ( a cabinet full of similar bowls / wares is exhibited there ).

The  item is in fine  reference order. Glaze crazing, fritting to the inner lid . Combined postage offered . Height at 6 inches, diameter at 5.5  inches.

I will happily ship to China, but only with the tracked air shipping option.

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