I Think this 4in Globe, in 14in Astro-Globe is self explanatory for those that are interested.

This astro-globe is over 7 lbs.

This is 14 inch New reproduction hanging Astro-Globe . 

This one has a dent in the Globe, Notice the 2 slightly darker pictures show the dent. Does not hurt the use but just looks bad.

I wish I had more time to learn more about these as they seem to be very interesting, and are harder to find information than the sextants. For those wanting to know if this was used for navigation or time, I am told, both, but I suggest using the web for locating information. 

I get ask, can antiqued brass be shined, and the answer is yes, these can be what I call highlight shined, meaning leave all antiqued except the top surface, just polish the surface.

This item weighs approx 7lb 1 oz.

We have to use double boxing to protect this item.

Approx, Size is 17x14x4in .  The 17 in is measuring the farthest points ( 14 in wide ).

Reasonable Offers Welcomed.

We are almost out of this item, many items we have listed are the last one.

Did you see the Dent in the Globe? That is the reason for big Price Drop