In my opinion an interesting VERY LARGE  ANTIQUE   SAWANKHALOK   SI SATCHANALAI, SUKHOTHAI  STONEWARE,   " TUKATA SIA KABAN , ROYAL GATEWAY  /  GUARDIAN, STANDING YAK / GIANT  VOTIVE  FIGURE.....Often placed on near doorways or on  family shrines : used to represent Divine Protection and a call for wealth from the  "ancestors" of the family and intended as a manner to request blessings, wealth, fertility, or simply honour for the family descendants.  The stoneware of the figure  hand painted in a range of traditional Sawankhalok feather, jewels and decoration  patterns / incised  designs.   

This was bought at source in the Far East in the mid 2000's, and is one of  the more unusual forms  that I have owned.  A decorative , large example of social history !

Part of my Asian Thai based collections and will be posted out from there . I will need 5 to 7 days to obtain the necessary paperwork for export from the Fine Arts/ Antiques Department, after payment completed.

The  item is in fine   order.  Weathering and some  deterioration to the original glaze, restoration free. 

Height at  27  inches, width at 7.5  inches and depth at 6  inches. Weighty item. 

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