In my opinion an unusual  Impressive sized, Antique  late 17thc  to 19thc AYUTTHAYAN STONEWARE ,  BROWN TONED   GLAZED, POTTERY,  CEREMONIAL ?  GOURD SHAPED , WATER STORAGE JAR , "KLONG JAR" , WITH LARGE  GUARDIAN  HAMSA, SACRED BIRD  FIGURE HEAD SPOUT AND SMALL TAIL HANDLED DESIGN; SMALL CENTRAL BACK/ BODY HANGING RING HOOK  . Fine decorative sized item, with incised neck  body design .  I bought this from a professional collector from Auytthaya , Khun Wongsavad, in the early 2000's.  

Part of my Asian Thai  based collections and will be posted out from there.

This is  with slight  age  wear, some deterioration to the glaze, which I have had professionally cleaned,  but is chip and crack free  .

Heavy stoneware  pottery.

I will happily ship to China, but only with the tracked insured air shipping option.

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