In my opinion a LARGE    THAI SAWANKHALOK  AYUTTHAYAN KINGDOM ( LATE PERIOD ),   STONEWARE , BROWN THROUGH TO CREAM  TONED, CLEADON  GLAZED ,  SIMPLE THIN/ NARROW SPOUTED,  "LOOP" HANDLE DESIGNED EWER WINE / WATER JUG   . UNUSUAL DESIGN WITH A FINE INCISED  FISH,  FLOWER  AND LEAF  BODY PANEL DESIGN.  Traditional  stint to the under base, a little more unusual in form :  "stint"  manufacture mark to under foot .   This was bought at source in the Far East in the mid 2000's, bought from Sukhothai Province from a professional Thai pottery collector .   

Part of my Asian Thai based collections and will be posted out from there.

The  item is in fine  reference order.  Age crackling, expected age wear and tear,   chip and restoration free,   professionally cleaned, all as pictured.Combined postage offered .

Height at 9  inches, handle  to head spout  length at 9.5 inches.

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