This is for 3 piece English Solid Sterling Silver Vanity set.  It is circa 1890.  It includes the mirror, hair and clothes brush.  Each is exquisitely made and all is in overall very good condition.  They show very minimal wear for their age.  There is a gold wash plate to prevent them from tarnishing.  The silver is hollow, but extremely thick and heavy.  There are no dents to note.  Each is monogrammed, as pictured.  Each piece has London Silver Hallmarks.  

The hand mirror is in very good condition. There are some minor abrasions to the beveled mirror itself.  The mirror slightly moves around and has one minor chip at the edge of the bevel.  The gold wash is strong and shows vey minimal wear.  There is one little pin nail missing at the edge.  It has the lion hallmark for solid Sterling Silver and the leopard head for London.  It measures about 10 1/2 inches in length.  

The hair brush is in very good condition as well.  The gold wash is strong and shows minimal wear.  The gold wash around the oval monogrammed area has worn off to reveal the Sterling, but goes unnoticed.  There is some very minor and minimal tarnishing around the edge where it meets the wood.  The horse hair is in excellent condition.  A tiny bit at one edge is worn, but is very hard to notice.  See pictures.  It has a partial maker mark.  It also has the lion and leopard head hallmark.  There is also the date letter hallmark of a "P" in a shield and dates the set to 1890.  It measures about 9 inches in length. 

Lastly, the clothes brush is in very good condition.  The gold wash is strong and shows very minimal wear.  The edges that touch the wood show very minimal tarnishing.  The horse hair is in excellent condition.  It also has a partial maker's mark that ends in a "D".  There is the standing lion, leopard head and same "P" date letter mark.  It measures about 7 inches. 

Guaranteed Solid Sterling Silver and as described.  

NC residents must pay sales tax or present resale number.  Please wait for adjusted invoice before paying. 

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