We are offering 3 MATCHING LAMPS in 2 SEPARATE AUCTIONS:  a FLOOR LAMP and a PAIR OF TABLE LAMPS.  THIS AUCTION is for the PAIR OF TABLE LAMPS ONLY -  They are a WONDERFULLY STRIKING PAIR -  Eames Era, Bauhaus or Deco - 2 GLOBE - TABLE LAMPS with 2 METAL GLOBES, BRASS VERTICAL SUPPORTS and a BLACK MARBLE BASES.  These INCREDIBLE LAMPS are   26" Tall.  The BLACK MARBLE BASES are 7" in Diameter.  The GLOBES are, starting from the Bottom Globe, approximately 6" in Diameter &  4" in Diameter.    The LAMPS  takes STANDARD CANDELABRA BASE BULBS with No wattage restriction. There are 2 Bulbs in the Bottom Globe and 1 Bulb in the Top Globe.  When LIT the Light Produces a Beautiful Glow  on the Globe Above giving SOFT REFLECTIVE LIGHTING.  They have a  DIMMER SWITCH in the Cord.  The LAMPS are in EXCELLENT CONDITION as can be seen from the Photos - the BRASS is SHINY & the Painted Metal is NEARLY PERFECT. The LAMPS are TESTED FOR SAFETY, WORKING PERFECTLY and do NOT need to be rewired.  These are ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR - FINE QUALITY - VINTAGE - BAUHAUS , EAMES ERA - ARTELUCE - STILNOVO - LAMPS.  They are STRIKING PIECES and have a  BEAUTIFUL COMMANDING PRESENCE.   LAMPS LIKE THIS are VERY RARE, MUCH SOUGHT AFTER and HARD TO FIND.  Paired with the MATCHING FLOOR LAMP  IN A SEPARATE AUCTION they are EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE.