This is a MOST SPECTACULAR   -  ARTELUCE - STILNOVO - EAMES - BAUHAUS - ADJUSTABLE - WHITE & BRASS   -  LAMPS or WALL SCONCE.  It is BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED and a WONDERFUL SCALE being 25"  Long FULLY EXTENDED.  The BEAUTIFULLY SCULPTED SHADE is 12" Tall & 5 1/4" in Diameter at the OPENING.  The MOUNTING BRACKET is 5" in Diameter & 1" High.  The SHORTER ARM is 7" Long and the LONGER ARM is 12" Long.  The SHADE has a SWIVEL CONNECTOR which allows it to ROTATE 90 degrees N & S and 360 degrees E & W or ALL AROUND.  The 2 ARMS are Connected with BUTTERFLY KNOBS which allow them to MOVE 180 DEGREES and a TWIST-KEY to HOLD THEM IN PLACE.  The WOODEN FINIAL acts as an ON/OFF SWITCH at the Top of the SHADES. It is NEWLY RE-WIRED and WORKING PERFECTLY.  It takes a STANDARD LIGHT BULB  with no wattage restrictions.  This SCONCE LAMP is in EXCELLENT CONDITION.  The BRASS is Shiny and the Painted Metal is VIRTUALLY FLAWLESS.  It can be Hard Wired or a Cord and Plug can be attached.  This SPECTACULAR SCONCE can be mounted directly to a Wall or Ceiling.  It is an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - FLEXIBLE - ADJUSTABLE - FINE QUALITY - VINTAGE - WALL SCONCE, both STRIKING and DISTINCTIVE and would COMPLIMENT AND ENHANCE ANY INTERIOR.  This is a SPECTACULAR PIECE..