This is a wonderful original Armor Bronze lamp of a seated artist Bonnie McLeary. The paint shows signs of age wear but still gives a clear indication of it's once colorful appearance. Besides the paint wear the lamp is in great condition, all the leaves, flowers are intact. It has been rewired with twisted cloth covered cord, new felt added to the bottom. The emerald green shade has one cracked pedal. The lamp weights 8 lbs 8oz and is 19 1/2" tall, 7 /12" wide, 9" deep. The electric plug can be changed to polarized if desired.

Brief history of Bonnie McLeary, which is how she signed her work between January 2, 1902 – February 2, 1971, was a American sculptor. Her birth date estimated 1890 or 1892. McLeary was born in San Antonio, TX., the youngest of four children, at six she began creating sculptures with clay from the banks of the San Antonio river. Early in WW1 she established a studio in New York City.                (Wiki excerpt)

PS. Most of these pictures are not an accurate portrayal of this beautiful lamp. I'll be posting new pics soon.  

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