This beautiful whole cloth Durham quilt is a part of English and British history. The pink quilt has been hand stitched in intricate detail, covering every part of the whole piece of fabric. The needlework technique and embroidery is a superb example Durham Quilt making.

It measures 78” x 98” which is huge! It would fit super king size (USA) at least.

Netting has been lightly stitched on to the top of the quilt to protect the delicate material from damage. This can be easily removed if you wish.

“Regionally, several different styles developed in the UK. One outstanding tradition is that of the North of England. The quilts made here were called Whole Cloth Quilts, North Country Quilts or Durham Quilts. Their main feature was that they are made from one whole piece of cloth (or widths of the same fabric joined to provide a bed-size cover). The pattern being created entirely by fine quilting over the entire surface

North Country quilts are whole cloth quilts, which means instead of being made from scraps of fabric to make the more familiar patchwork quilts, they are made from a continuous piece of fabric.  Like most historic crafts this would traditionally be a cheap, readily available fabric, usually cotton.”