Bronze/Brass Mantle Clock and Garnitures
Porcelain front piece, posts and finial
Front porcelain panel on clock is signed Lancini
Movement is signed FHS
Signed Lancini inside the case
Clock does not work, key does not turn
When the hands are moved manually the chimes ring at the half hour and the hour. Beautiful sound.
16.5" Tall
9" wide
5" deep

12 1/2" Tall
5" across
4" Deep
Signed Lancini inside
Beautiful pieces

I know very little about the piece. I was able to find:  In the early 1920's the well known Italian artist and foundry designer Lancini teamed with Hermle and produced a selection of very desirable clocks for the wealthy in certain European countries. Lancini's skills were that of a master, as he produced some of the finest foundary work in all of Europe. Lancini had already established a large, wealthy clientele across Europe for whom he designed and cast hardware and home accessories. His advanced abilities and understanding of perfecting brass gave him an advantage to pour some of the finest forms for clocks ever seen.