This is a beautiful Antique 3 Panel Wall Mirror that measures 52" by 20" by 1 3/4". 
It has a wooden back frame with gold/bronze painted gesso floral accents. 
The uniquely shaped triple mirrors are also accented with floral designs. 
The mirrors are attached to the wooden framework with decorative brass connectors. 
The overall condition of this mirror is 'Excellent' considering it's age of over 100 years.
There are some cracks in the gesso and some spots where the paint is chipped away (see photos). 
The original backing paper has deteriorated and is torn from age.
Overall condition is solid and sturdy.
 There is no marking on the back as to a manufacturer or the country of origin. 
The weight is 23 lbs.
Because of the age and fragile nature of gesso and the weight of the mirror, it should not be shipped.
I am offering this delightful piece of antiquity FOR LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in 34275 N. Venice, FL.
*If making a 'Buy It Now' Purchase or placing the winning 'Bid', please pay, via PayPal within 48 hours.

**If you want to ship, I will gladly get an estimate for the cost.