4 Skeleton LOCK KEYS Hardware 

for Trunk Cylinder Barrow Armour Wardrobe

Closet Clock Door Cabinet

Architectural Restoration Keys

Please take a moment to review all pictures. Keys show wear, marks and discoloration patina from age and use. I welcome all questions related to this listings please ask prior to bidding.

1950’S - 1960’S - 1970’S - 1980’S TRUE VINTAGE SHOPPING


I am listing HUNDREDS OF ITEMS this week including Vintage HOLIDAY, Christmas, Easter and Halloween, toys, sports memorabilia, Masters of the Universe (MOTU – HeMan), Transformers, lunchboxes, puzzles, bottle openers, models, corkscrews, football helmets, vintage holiday greeting cards, vinyl LP records, duck decoys, crackerjack charms, old doll and children’s books, primitives, Santa Claus items, Owls, glass, glasses, dishes, china, kitchenware, bowls, plates, railroad toys, pictures, catalogs, decorations, tree ornaments and more.

We offer a selection spanning the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties with select items from the late eighteen hundreds (1800’s) and early nineteen hundreds (1900’s). Find your treasure today!

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