This is the most impressive set of stained glass I have ever owned. The glass is blemish free. Please read the condition description. All three panels measure 53.5 inches tall 14 inches wide. The frame is 1.75 inches in thickness. Each panel weighs 30 pounds. As referenced in the condition section the paint is peeling off all three frames. These panels were shipped by a German couple living in Columbus, Ohio in 1899. The panels have been passed down through the generations. Twice these windows were going to installed in custom homes and it never happened. These were is a basement for over 50 years.

Please email with any questions or if you would like additional photographs. I wish I could have provided better photographs, but I was doing the the photography alone. As stated, these are very heavy. ** For the people considering buying these: This is a type of very old glass that isn't clear. It's kind of opaque. If colored pieces were not used and the frames were filled with clear glass of the same type you would not be able to make out an object on the other side. It would appear blurry. (this is by design) Now imagine colored pieces of the same design; the same effect. My point is in order to appreciate these windows installation would need to take place where you would typically have a lot of light. The brighter the better. It would also help if the panels were installed where you are looking up at them. With this in mind you can understand why this design was perfect for a church; it created a beautiful effect, sun didn't heat up the interior of the church and the windows gave the appropriate aesthetics for a place of worship.I mention this because you would be disappointed if you installed these windows and the appearance would always be dark. *** Look at them against the garage door where there isn't any light behind them.  And if you look at German design, it becomes very clear where these windows were made.

*** These panels are for pickup or delivery only. Before you bid or make an offer make sure we have agreed on arrangements on delivery. If you pick these up it doesn't matter. Thank you.

You can have this shipped by your own accord with a private company. I do not want to be responsible for shipping. I do not recommended shipping stained glass no matter how it's packed, but it's ultimately your decision.