A solid silver structure kiddush cup/vodka cup/wine cup.
Decorated with engraved ornaments, houses (shtetl) and foliage.

Not monogrammed.

Hallmarked underside:
"84, Kokoshnik, A.B" (0,875/1000 silver purity, Profile, A.V.)
into one oval punch for well-known Kiev assayer
Александр Выржиковский (English - Aleksandr Virzhikovskiy)
"Г. Р" ("G. R") for unidentified Kiev silversmith.

Marks are crisp and clear.

Made in Kiev, Russian Empire, ca.1899-1908

For more information please see "Postnikova" 1995 Edition:
page 259 #3872 for assayer;
page 165 #606 for maker.

Please keep the ruler handy, because in the picture
a thimble looks like a bucket and a Big Ben like a mental clock.
Approx.: Height: 2-1/4in.  (53mm.)
              Top Diameter: 1-13/16in.  (46mm.)
              Bottom Diameter: 1-1/4in.  (32mm.)
              Capacity: 1.7 fl.oz.  (50 ml.)
              Weight: 0.87 troy oz.  (27.2 gr.)

Few minor/light scratches to underside, please see photos.

Clean, free of dents and blemishes.

Dark spots you are seeing on the photos,
are reflections of a camera and other objects.

Commensurate with age, the condition is very good to excellent.

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