Thaksin — liberator of Siam from Burmese rule and the first king of Siam. Moved the capital of Siam from Ayutthaya to Thonburi destroyed. Thaksin is revered in Thailand as a national hero.The 15-year rule of the new king was a gift to the country. He put in order the ruined military RAID of the neighbors of the Kingdom, amassed an army, and the remnants of the Royal Treasury, which is not all taken away by the Burmese, allowed to food and medicine for its people. He finally built fortifications on the border with Burma and have pushed the boundaries of Siam at the expense of the expeditions to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

In 1981, the Thai Cabinet decided to assign Taccino the title "Great". December 28, day of his coronation, though not a national holiday, celebrated in his honor. 

Item type: Thai Amulet

Condition: : Good

Material : Brass  

Size Approx: 45 mm × 28 mm × 10 mm 

Quantity : 1 Piece