"Thao Wessuwan" The Lord The North
    Buddha Thai amulet, antique, rare item, wonderful. In the book called ‘Tri Bhoom Phra Ruang’ (The Three Worlds, write by King Ruang) had called Thao Wessuwun as ‘Thao Paisorrapa Maharaja’ and described him as follow: “Thao Paisorrapa Maharaja is lord of all northern giants and angel and ruled over northern paradise from its central to rim of the cosmos’s wall. His Excellency and his follower giants were dress and carry golden cloth and gears, his follower giants carry gold weapon whether gold hammer, gold pestle. His Excellency has uncountable followers, more than thousand billions; he’s riding pale yellow horse” This description show that Thao Wessuwun or Thao Paiworrapa Maharaja is a very rich god with more than thousand billions gold in his stash, all his ornament and his follower’s armors and weapons are made from gold. His Excellency himself is also riding on a golden horse.
SIZE -40mm x 20mm x 10mm